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GeoRipper GR20 Makita 4-Stroke

GeoRipper GR20 Makita 4-Stroke


The GeoRipper GR20 Makita 4-Stroke uses Makita's MM4® 4-Stroke Power Cutter (model EK7651H) with maximum 500 mm digging depth. It is the world's first 4-stroke handheld trencher. This 4-stroke trenhcer delivers several advantages over 2-stroke. No oil mixing is required, so contractors get simplified operation and no more engine failure due to improper mix. For easier starts, the automatic engine decompression valve is engineered into the cam gear to reduce pull-start force by 40%. The GR20 Makita 4-stroke also has lower noise at 92.7dB(A), smoother idle for continuous operation, and lower fuel consumption at only .45 gallons per hour.


Additional advantages include a three-ring piston engineered for improved commercial engine durability, and reduced exhaust and intake carbon build-up for longer cylinder life. In addition, it has a five-stage foam-paper-nylon filtration system with Advance Direction Air Flow to provide cleaner air for improved engine durability.


The power and performance features of this mini trencher make it a best-in-class handheld trenching tool and is ideal for landscapers, irrigation professionals, electricians and plumbers.

Makita-powered EK7651H FourStroke Engine

500 mm Digging Bar with Nose Bar End Assembly and Nose Sprocket

500 mm Deep x 38 mm wide Digging Chains (2-Pack)

Additional Drive Belt, Nose Bearing and Bar End Assembly Screws

Stock Makita Engine Tool Kit in Orange Pouch

Chain Connector Link to repair chain in the field

Full-size 18mm Combination Wrench

Stock Makita AND GeoRipper Owner’s Manuals

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