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About Us

MiniTrencher knows how to make trenching faster, easier – more efficient. We can dig in places no one else can and make and save our customers money in the process.

Mission statement

To Create: Quality, reliable products.

To Provide: Superior service and education excellence.

To Innovate: Revolutionizing an industry still relying on manual labor.

Stuck in the dirt.

The industry of installing product into the ground still requires hand-trenching traditionally executed by hand using picks, axes and shovels. Labor costs rise. Workers Compensation  claims increase. The contractor continues digging the same way, not aware there is a better solution.

GeoRipper by MiniTrencher addresses the problem of digging trenches by hand.

The end result? The trench is dug in a fraction of time and is no longer the biggest part of the job. The equipment rapidly pays for itself allowing the contractor to realize more profits quicker. Minitrencher takes the work out of trenching.

The equipment must be reliable.

GeoRipper uses two-stroke and four-stroke engines that are specifically designed to work in hostile environments. GeoRipper minitrenchers are designed to minimize downtime.

vision statement

To be the world's powered hand trencher.

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