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  • Where are you located?
    MiniTrencher is headquartered in the Pacific Northwest. The Canadian distributor is located in Ontario, Canada. Email: Phone: (416) 717-0516
  • Are there safety concerns with GeoRipper? Is it dangerous?
    Like all power equipment, if it is not used correctly and respectfully, it can be dangerous. Once the machine is digging in the ground, the risk of injury is reduced. As always, we recommend proper Personal Protection Equipment be worn when operating GeoRipper. This includes: face shield, ear protection, work gloves, and safety-toe boots. If operating GeoRipper in particularly rocky soil or gravel, shin guards are recommended.
  • What about kickback?
    When digging in rocky soil, the occasional rock may cause GeoRipper to "bounce." This bouncing is the most that typical operators report back to us. GeoRipper is not a chainsaw. The digging chain moves at about a third of a chainsaw chain. This slower speed, the vibration isolation springs in the arm, and proper operation will not allow the machine to kickback. In rocky soil bouncing may occur that will bring the nose of the digging bar up 2-4" from contact. As most operators are digging 6-8" deep, the nose of the bar will not have the opportunity to leave the trench.
  • Can I trench through tree roots?
    Absolutely! GeoRipper's digging chain is designed specifically to trench through tree roots up to 76 mm in diameter and below grade. Our digging chains are self-sharpening. It may take 10-20 minutes of digging in soil before the teeth are ready to chip through roots. GeoRipper is not a chainsaw and shall not perform like one. Chipping through large tree roots takes patience. It will not move through large tree roots as fast as a chainsaw.
  • Can I dig through rocks?
    GeoRipper will not dig through solid rock or concrete. It will dig up loose rock about the size of an adult fist. A up and down "sawing" action will help to bring up the larger, fist-sized, rocks, otherwise GeoRipper will dig up and expel smaller rocks with ease. Larger rocks can easily be avoided and the operator can return with a rock bar to pry the larger rocks from the ground.
  • How deep does GeoRipper trench?
    That depends on your model. GR16 models can trench up to 16" deep. This is easily done in combination with EZ Kart. If trenching by hand, 12-14" is comfortable. GR20 models can trench up to 20" deep. This is easily done in combination with EZ Kart. If trenching by hand, 18" is comfortable. GR27 models can trench up to 27" deep. This is easily done in combination with EZ Kart. If trenching by hand, 24" is possible. EZ Kart comes standard with all GR27 models. It is recommended to use EZ Kart when operating GR27 models.
  • Can I buy parts to convert my existing demo saw?
    GeoRipper does not fit any chainsaw on the market. There are kits for specific Makita, Stihl and Husqvarna demo saws.
  • How long does a digging chain last?
    The MiniTrencher digging chain is a self-sharpening heavy duty 46 hardened steel chain. Unlike a chainsaw chain that needs to be sharpened with a file, the digging chain is sharpened by the abrasive nature of the soil that it is digging in. Some soils are more abrasive than others and can dictate lifespan of a digging chain. Other factors that control the life of a digging chain are operator technique, the depth of trenching and the speed of the digging chain. Experienced operators can effectively extend the life of the digging chain. In standard conditions digging chains may last anywhere from 305 to 915 meters.
  • Is it easy to operate?
    There is a learning curve to operating a GeoRipper. This doesn't mean it is hard to operate right out of the box, but it does mean that you have to get used to it. The hardest thing to get used to is not over-throttling the machine. Our machines work best at 1/2 to 3/4 throttle. Once you are used to handling GeoRipper, running at less throttle is easier. If you are not comfortable operating GeoRipper by hand for any reason, consider purchasing our accessory EZ Kart. EZ Kart will enable you to operate the machine without holding the weight of the machine.
  • Do you offer financing?
    Yes, we can provide financing. We work with a finance company called Westport Leasing. You will apply with them, typically get a response within a few minutes then work out what time of plan you want ex) 12mths ; 24mths etc. To apply simply contact below or email us at Shannon Lee Westport Leasing Direct: (250) 755-4064 Toll Free: 1-800-667-0747 ext. 44
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